Monday, August 19, 2019


Silent chastity, forgiven lies

Portions of ease
Cans in soul
Lover's vow to preach whispers
Taken of master's divinity from
yesterday's wailing
promises to teach the vultures.

-Cory Tambourine


a dirty little secret toll
with a cost more dear than it seems
weighs so heavy on my soul
it feels as if we’ve lost control
in the shadow of the black seams
dug ourselves into a hole
a mountain moved who can console
burying the truth with the streams
weighs so heavy on my soul
sulfur slurry down the loophole
poisoning our future and dreams
forests flattened by charcoal

how can we help but play a role
within these suicidal schemes
burning both ends pole to pole

a mountain moved who can console
remove the speck to see the beams
a dirty little secret toll
weighs so heavy on my soul

ken ostrander 


Red is the violet

Blue is the rose
To you a birthday happy
(I'm up-mixed, you suppose?)
If from me a tip you'll take
Since "Fair is all in love and war".
And "Tis fair play to turn about".
You're 45, not 54.
Wish best,
Rose Maude

-Maude Rose Kelly
Salem, Virginia 1966
Born 1912-Pike Kentucky

I'll Never Forget You Dear

I think of you in the sunshine,
I dream night and day of you.
When all the world is silent,
And the stars shine out in the blue.

And wheather the hours are golden
Or weather the day be drear,
It seems you're beside me always-
I never forget you dear!

I see your eyes in the stars, love.
I hear your voice in the sea,
The spell of your tender presence
Goes over the world with me.

And distance cannot divide us,
Though far away, or near,
In my heart of hearts you dwell, love,
I never forget you dear!

The stars may forget their places,
The day may forget to break:
The flight of the hours may alter,
The rose may forget to wake.

But love that is true is forever,
Not a day, nor a month, nor a year;
To the end of the world I love you,
I never forget you dear!

-W.C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia

Midnight Poems

Ultimate expanses, the farthest mystery,
guise of final thoughts, the insanity of dying alone
is a transparent window where I see
a multitude of fragile lights erupting and further 
away from this, truth wears a new crown
of jade and starlight; always there must be songs, beginnings 
which covet Angels knowing only Love, a desperation 
which carries the spiral arm home
or downward, I must have been all of you just now,
stranded on the edge of the great sleep,
for night has fallen, and who could possibly
know your dream's gentle ending?

Quick birth
into devil's biting
Slow antagonism-tenders
the bluest passions

Yellow sunflower opening to caress the 
her petals, like love, are as soft
as morning.

Despair cresting the lonely shore
a river gone mad with Summer's ending

I thought I saw 
you then,
turned toward

I thought..

Subterfuge of reason, thoughts are aborted as the
sacred silence climbs astride the moon now
lost in the blackest sky of this other side, spirits all
waver and are noticeable only because of the cool 
dim glow seemingly coveting shadows
ancient masking.
In the wind a voice that sings the oracle seduces
our lower selves away
from harmony
Far from this world of soft breath and promise.

Rearrange monolith
the parting clouds are thoughts
the universe the womb
an expanse of darkness purging the
big fear
to accept what is near
which is of course
the birth
I have seen altars to the woman
named Luna
for even our fathers had heard the darkness whisper.

Spring 1994
June-November 2015

-T. Byron Kelly

Dost Thou Remember,

Dost thou remember, dearest heart,
Before our lives were torn apart
How oft we met beneath the pines
Through which the silver moonlight shines?

Dost thou remember, fairest one,
Our midnight joy rides and fun?
When oft we took paths obscure
And found delight in each detour?

Does memory fail you, oh, my love,
How from New River's heights above
We lingered long midst leaf and fern,
While friends awaited our return?

Will time erase the tragic scene
When love and passion swayed my Queen?
Where lash-horns met across the trail.

When storms had passed and fogs dispelled,
Some wondrous scenes our eyes beheld;
Again we view the flock with pride,
Each lamb is safe at mother's side.

But time has turned another page
And storms still in your bosom rage;
One question I would ask tonight:
Will love or passion win the fight?

-Walter C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia

Oh The Moon

Oh the moon is leaving me
So the moon's deceiving me
But when she comes back around
All her virtue in the air
Sweet delight showing fair
Sunk into the boughs
Portrait faces down
Send me a night song
You're already fading away
Though stars are bright
I'll miss you tonight
Your dance
Your magic
Your sway
Goodnight moon

-Cory Tambourine
Autumn 2018

Sunday, August 18, 2019


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