Monday, August 19, 2019

I'll Never Forget You Dear

I think of you in the sunshine,
I dream night and day of you.
When all the world is silent,
And the stars shine out in the blue.

And wheather the hours are golden
Or weather the day be drear,
It seems you're beside me always-
I never forget you dear!

I see your eyes in the stars, love.
I hear your voice in the sea,
The spell of your tender presence
Goes over the world with me.

And distance cannot divide us,
Though far away, or near,
In my heart of hearts you dwell, love,
I never forget you dear!

The stars may forget their places,
The day may forget to break:
The flight of the hours may alter,
The rose may forget to wake.

But love that is true is forever,
Not a day, nor a month, nor a year;
To the end of the world I love you,
I never forget you dear!

-W.C. Harris
Long Branch West Virginia

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