Monday, August 19, 2019

Midnight Poems

Ultimate expanses, the farthest mystery,
guise of final thoughts, the insanity of dying alone
is a transparent window where I see
a multitude of fragile lights erupting and further 
away from this, truth wears a new crown
of jade and starlight; always there must be songs, beginnings 
which covet Angels knowing only Love, a desperation 
which carries the spiral arm home
or downward, I must have been all of you just now,
stranded on the edge of the great sleep,
for night has fallen, and who could possibly
know your dream's gentle ending?

Quick birth
into devil's biting
Slow antagonism-tenders
the bluest passions

Yellow sunflower opening to caress the 
her petals, like love, are as soft
as morning.

Despair cresting the lonely shore
a river gone mad with Summer's ending

I thought I saw 
you then,
turned toward

I thought..

Subterfuge of reason, thoughts are aborted as the
sacred silence climbs astride the moon now
lost in the blackest sky of this other side, spirits all
waver and are noticeable only because of the cool 
dim glow seemingly coveting shadows
ancient masking.
In the wind a voice that sings the oracle seduces
our lower selves away
from harmony
Far from this world of soft breath and promise.

Rearrange monolith
the parting clouds are thoughts
the universe the womb
an expanse of darkness purging the
big fear
to accept what is near
which is of course
the birth
I have seen altars to the woman
named Luna
for even our fathers had heard the darkness whisper.

Spring 1994
June-November 2015

-T. Byron Kelly

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